About SiCS

SiCS is specialized in inductive furnaces for Physical Vapor Transport growth of silicon carbide ingots. Intrinsically simplistic and robust design enables excellent reliability and reproducibility of the furnaces and make them ideal for manufacturing of SiC-boules on an industrial scale. The furnaces can be adapted to meet specific customer needs such as automatic loading, vertical fab integration etc. Among deliveries is a fully automated site with PVT reactors and a graphite handling system for storage and robotic loading/unloading of crucibles running 24/7. The graphite handling SW also utilizes recipe handling, process data logging and crucible ID-tracking.

SiCS is a company newly formed by a co-founder of Epigress (acquired by Aixtron in 1999) and carries a long history in developing silicon carbide process equipment. Much of the development was performed as R&D cooperation with Prof. Janzéns group at Linköping University and their early ground-breaking research in silicon carbide. The work included MOCVD-reactors for epitaxy as well as HTCVD- and PVT-reactors for bulk growth.