PVT 200

PVT 200 is an inductive furnace designed for mass production of SiC ingots with a diameter of up to 8”. The standard system uses manual loading and comes with a user-friendly Human Machine Interface. Intrinsically simple and robust design gives excellent reliability and reproducibility. A small footprint of only 1x1,3 m designed to be stacked in rows and no external control cabinet enables efficient use of floor space and a straightforward installation. The compact design is achieved without compromising access for service and maintenance.

The furnace is heated by a heavy-duty RF-generator with multiple tap and capacitor configurations to enable perfect matching of the RF-coil. Maximum temperature is 2400°C. Temperature is accurately controlled by a high precision PID-controller and a two-color IR-pyrometer with a GigE video camera. Alignment of the pyrometer is automated by means of image analysis combined with motorized rotational stages. The HMI enables seamless switchover from temperature to power control. Process gases are accurately controlled by metal sealed digital MFC:s. An intelligent throttle valve covers the full range from atmospheric pressure down to process pressures, i.e. ≤ 5 mbar. The throttle valve has dual digital capacitance manometer inputs with auto range switching giving state of the art pressure control in terms of range, smoothness and accuracy. The vacuum system uses a roots type dry pump with low energy consumption and it operates without the need for purge gas.

The PVT 200 has well proven reliability and reproducibility, a small footprint, low operating costs due to efficient matching of the RF-coil, low cooling water flow, a power efficient vacuum pump and no purge gas flow.

Technical data:

Chamber size:                      6”/8”-ingots

Footprint:                              1300 x 1000 mm

Height:                                  2500/3000 mm

Weight:                                  ≈ 900 kg

RF-power:                             20/35 kW

Frequency:                            5-15 kHz

Max temperature:                  2400°C

Vacuum pump:                      100 m3h-1, base pressure 2x10-2 mbar

Pressure range:                    1000 – 1 mbar

Cooling water:                       30 lpm (20 kW), non condensing, ≤ 30°C

Ventilation, exhaust:              100 m3h-1, reactor compartment

Ventilation, inlet:                    100 m3h-1, electrical compartment